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Oct 30, 2020

Are you getting crazy about what’s happening in the world right now? Calm down! We have the perfect song for you. Matt LeGrand just released the music video for his new song “Crazy ‘Bout Cha” and we are freaking out!

The prince of Pop has already been featured as one of the Billboard Emerging Artists in 2019 and has gained notoriety for his talent, energy, and love for music. His path in the industry started as a child when he moved from France to Chicago and became interested in musical instruments. Hee learned from drums to guitar and even dabbled with songwriting, creating a vast and in-depth knowledge about the music world. 

Eventually, Matt caught the attention of the music industry and earned important nominations, admiration of renowned artists, and appeared in several publications. Among his diverse singles are “12:00 am” and “I’ve Been Watching You (feat. Mestiza), songs knowns worldwide.

Today Matt is here with us to share everything about “Crazy ‘Bout Cha” and his biggest inspirations in music.

1. With this new single, what was it like creating and releasing the single completely in quarantine versus other tracks that you released?

Luckily this song, along with the whole EP, was recorded pre-covid. As for releasing, my team had to pull off some incredible re-strategizing as we were about to launch right when all of it hit. This year is posing a lot of “Crazy” obstacles but we are figuring it out and I feel we will come out even stronger than before.


2. What do you want fans to take away from this new single? (Crazy ‘Bout Cha)

I want fans to simply dance and have fun with this song! Maybe it will even give them the confidence to go up to that special person and tell them you’re a bit “Crazy” for them!


3. You previously mentioned in another interview being in a band. What is the difference between being within a group and being a solo artist?

It’s incredibly different. Especially for an introvert at heart like myself. I liked being in bands because it really felt like I was in it all with other people. There was a major sense of comfort in that. When I decided to go solo, I knew it was going to be an enormous challenge of breaking out of my shell and finding my extroverted/showman side. With artist development and a ton of hard work, I was able to turn into something I’m really proud of!


4. What was it about pop-punk music that really stood out to you amongst other genres?

A: I loved this lighter and catchier side of Punk music. I liked that it still had angst while not being too harsh or overboard. Pop-punk always had this comical thing that I loved about it as well. These great pop-punk bands all loved pranking and so did I.


5. What measures did you go through to find your voice as an artist?

I wasn’t a naturally gifted entertainer. I really had to buckle down and learn. This sounds like a broken record but it really comes down to putting in the work and not giving up. The team and I have developed a sound that fits me personally and as an artist. I can’t wait to give the world this EP!


6. With that, is there anything from the Chicago music scene that you admire?

I admire the mystery of it. Chicago has never been a city known for its commercial Pop music. That scene here is very small and I look forward to putting my city on the radar for it. What you do get though is all the other beautiful intricacies of music.


7. Mentioning that you started singing in high school, do you think that there is a part of artistry that came naturally to you?

Singing wasn’t my first route. I played drums and guitar for multiple different bands prior to it. I didn’t start singing until the lead singer of my first band couldn’t give his time anymore. I decided to find a coach and start really learning how to sing. I believe that when something doesn’t come naturally to you, you just have to work so much harder at it. Please don’t let anyone tell you that it’s too late to start something.


8. I’ve read a lot about your inspiration behind music and love of blink182, but I’ve wondered for a lot of musicians, who inspires you?

God, family, and the people that surround me are my inspiration. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to get to do what I love in a safe non-judgmental environment. It’s important to form genuine connections, especially in this industry. I do love me some Blink-182!


9. What do you look for when you’re looking for new music to listen to?

A: I’m always into things that sound nostalgic. I like to reminisce about past memories. I’m also a fan of whole albums. In an age that is almost solely focused on singles, I look for artists that take their time to not only create music but create a whole world, ambiance, and aura to that music.


10. What is your favorite place in the city?

Well, when I’m in Chicago, my home is my favorite place to be as much as I can to recharge my batteries and relax. When I’m working in Atlanta, I like to be in the mix of all the excitement that’s happening in the city along with a great stroll through Piedmont Park!


11. Do you remember the first song you wrote?

Yes, unfortunately, I remember it all too well! It was called “Play it One More Time” and it was straight pop-punk. It was exciting for me to call something my own creation after just playing covers for so long.


12. As an artist how do you protect the art that you put into the world?

Well, I’m very fortunate to have a team of professionals around me that try to protect me as best they can in this digital world.


13. As an artist when do you feel most present?

I feel like I am the most present when it’s finally showtime when the game is finally ready to start. Although I strive to be as much in the moment as best I can.


14. What does your downtime look like?

I’ll play soccer, rock climb, do different forms of art, practice yoga, and also give myself permission to do nothing. A lot of my downtime also involves simply writing with an acoustic guitar in my hands. Most importantly, I will use the opportunity to connect spiritually.


You can watch the “Crazy ‘Bout Cha” music video below! Don’t forget to follow Matt all over social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.