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Sound Off: Natalie Shay


Apr 18, 2020

The 21-year-old indie pop/rock artist, Natalie Shay, just released her debut EP ‘NAKED’.

Shay’s newly released EP ‘NAKED’ is a five-track release delving into the everyday experiences of a 21-year-old, detailing relationships and life as a young musician. Continuing the songwriter’s love of ’80s-soaked music, NAKED cleverly blends the best of era with modern flares. Shay expresses, “I love authentic ’80s synth and drum sounds, but I also love modern pop vocal lines and effects. And of course, lots of guitars. I try to include a flavor of each of those things in my music. It was very important to me that all of the songs had their own unique stamp and vibe but still all fitted and worked together under the same project”.

The North London native and multi-award-winning musician, has made a name for herself as one of the UKs hottest emerging talents! Her newly released video “Owe It To You” exudes the raw emotion of lust and longing while in a relationship from a perspective we really haven’t gotten to see yet!


Keep reading to find out more on her inspirations, style, and upcoming sound!


1.Tell us about “Owe It To You” and the inspiration behind it!


This song is about being in a relationship when it’s got to the point where you’re thinking about other people (and knowing you shouldn’t be).  I wrote this song with my amazingly talented longtime friend Kaity Rae. It was interesting to write a song from this perspective as most people write songs from the receiving end of this kind of story.


2.How was coming up with the idea for the music video and the shooting process?


The narrative for the video mainly focuses on the idea of not being able to stop thinking about someone and it’s haunting you. we thought it would be fun to portray this in a more sort of lighthearted way with the mask, but I think it’s a fun lil’ story. we shot it pretty sporadically, the stuff on the car park roof was attempted a few times, but the sun set wasn’t quite right, the day it worked out was so cold we could barely press play on the playback because our fingers were so numb. We shot the final scene last, right before the UK went into lockdown so we were very lucky with timing, we thought it would be safest to shoot it at my house so there you go, hope you like my house :)


3. Let’s talk about your EP NAKED! Are you happy with the final result? How was the producing process? 


This whole process has honestly been going on ages, but I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s been so fun watching everything come together from my initial idea to choosing the songs and everything. It’s 100% the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life and in all wet-ness I genuinely believe this process has helped me develop as a person. The production of the songs was step 1. ‘Not the girl’ was finished way before anything else, and obviously ‘people like me’ was already released so everything really formulated around those two tracks.


4. Do you have a favorite song from NAKED?


“Owe it to You’ at the moment is my fave song, however ‘Naked’ being the title track kind of sums up the whole EP in one song so that one’s pretty special too.


5. What is the best part of being a young artist nowadays? Is it hard to manage life & career?


The best part is probably the experiences and challenges. I know challenges don’t sound like a good thing, but I really value how being a young artist with a career has helped me to develop as a person and as an artist. I think it is hard to manage life and career, I’ve definitely had to make some sacrifices in order to pursue a music career full time, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


6. How long have you been writing music and singing?


Been doing music and playing classical guitar since I was 5, however I didn’t start doing them together & writing until I was like 10 or 11. I started gigging when I was 13 though.


7. If you could work with any artist in the world, who will be?


Taylor Swift, ‘coz she’s a G.


8. It is very interesting to see nowadays the young generation being so inspired by ’70s and ’80s music. Who is your biggest inspiration? 


I think initially Taylor swift was always my biggest inspiration. I essentially began all of this in the first place aged 11 because she was so inspiring. In terms of production, I really love 80s style production and also the new modern 80s influenced style production too, I suppose this is something Taylor has tried and other artists like Haim, etc. I love how interested ’80s production can keep your ear. It’s unique and I love experimenting with it.


9. Your music was placed in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist in ten countries! How crazy was that? 


So crazy! You never expect it, but it does feel amazing. I don’t like to put too much of the quality and success of a release down to its initial play listing, but it can feel so rewarding to have something recognized. It can really make release day special.


10. Define your fashion style in one word! 




11. Timeless fashion piece?


Any Lace Bodice. I have been wearing my mums from when she was 21 lol.


12. An unusual travel tip for someone that never went to London.


Where the yellow lines on the tube platforms are slightly blurry, that’s where the doors stop, so stand there you will look cool.


13.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


I’m never sure how to answer this question, as my view on this is always changing. But I’d like to see myself still doing what I’m doing but with 5 years extra experience and knowledge behind me, on a bigger scale, with more certainty and more bangers.


14. What does popular mean to you?


Widely liked / enjoyed. The meaning of popular is something I’ve changed my opinion on lots of times throughout my life, but at the moment that’s the definition I’m rolling with.


15. Besides NAKED, do you have any upcoming projects or plans? 


Everything’s kind of been thrown off due to the pandemic, I’m hoping to reschedule all my postponed things for when stuff is back to normal, then hopefully release as soon as I can get back into the studio, I do have a very good idea of what I’d like to release ;) …



You can keep up with Natalie Shay on Twitter @natalieshay_ and Instagram @natalieshaymusic and listen to her EP ‘NAKED’ out now!


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  • Photographer Owen J Vincent
  • Photographer Caili Shea