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Sound Off: Pia Mia


Sep 2, 2020

Pia Mia, the queen of collaborations, is continuing to catch the attention of countless music fans with her impressive vocals and versatile talent. Her recently released single, “HOT” marks the start of a new era for the “PRINCESS” singer.

Now adjusting to a brand new team consisting of Republic Records, Electric Feel, and manager Troy Carter, she promises fans that more content, including new music videos, are on their way. Pia Mia is back and ready to connect with new followers as well as her intensely dedicated and established fanbase. She continues to climb up the ladder as one of the most sought out voices in the industry to date.

In an interview with PopularTV, the platinum-certified recording artist opens up about her new music, TikTok duet with Charlie D’Amelio, and more.

1. Taking it all the way back to 2013 with Red Love – How do you think you’ve grown as both an artist and person since then?

I went from being a 16-year-old from an island in the West Pacific, to experiencing Hollywood and the entertainment industry as an independent artist, to then to being signed to a major label. With Red Love, I was setting up my own music video sets with my team in the middle of a desert. Under a major label, I’m able to bring my creative visions to life on a much higher level so that while focusing on music, I’m also able to act, design, write, tour, etc. I’m also fortunate to have been able to collaborate with some of the biggest artists today. Personally, I’ve learned so much, it’s hard to put into words. I’m still growing and always will be but feel I’m really coming into myself. I look forward to what the world holds for me in the next 5 years!


2. Your first-ever duet was with Charlie D’Amelio with your #DoItAgainChallenge from a song that you originally made with Chris Brown and Tyga! What is it like seeing the song burst back onto the scene almost 5 years after its release?

I knew to Do It Again was special, I always did and it has always streamed very well. It’s a multi-platinum song and I’m not surprised that it found its way to a whole new life on TikTok. I’m grateful it’s being exposed to so many new listeners, it has over 5 million original created videos, and those individual videos have millions of views themselves. Do It Again deserves the love, it’s my baby. I have a feeling it will live forever. 


3. Speaking of Chris Brown, we love the sample of ‘Kiss Kiss’ on your new single ‘Princess’. What other artists do you like to pull inspiration from?

For me, inspiration happens at the moment. I don’t look for it or plan it. Sometimes it comes from a song I loved as it did with Do It Again and Princess, sometimes it comes from my journal or something I’m currently going through, or maybe something a friend is dealing with within their relationships. I could have a memory come back to me, watch a movie or a fashion week runway show, take a drive around the island of Guam or downtown LA and an idea will hit me. Often my inspiration comes from sadness and wanting to feel that or not wanting to feel it. 


4. From inspiration to release, how did Princess get made?

I was listening to Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown ft T Pain on a long car ride when the inspiration hit me. I had a studio session booked for that night and knew I wanted to flip the song. When I got there, I told everyone the idea and they were hyped on it and we just got working. I’ll never forget that night, it was filled with overwhelming good vibes and fun.


5. What would you title the current phase of your career? 



6. How did your background and culture shape you and what creative expression means to you?

I come from the island of Guam so everything about being Chamorro shapes what I do and it comes naturally. I was raised with strong ties to my roots and a solid family backing me and always encouraging me to stay true to who I am, stay grounded, and to stand up and fight for what I believe in. My island and my family encouraged and allowed me to dream big at a very young age. 


7. Was music something that called to you over time more than other artistic avenues or did you just know at some point?

I knew at age 8 when I stepped on stage to sing for the very first time. The next thing I knew, I was an eight-year-old singing with live orchestras and being trained along with college students at the University of Guam.


8. Of all the songs you’ve released, if you had to pick one that best encompasses you as an artist, what would it be and why?

There isn’t one song that encompasses me as an artist. You can’t put an artist in a box and ask them to perform only one type of song or deliver one type of message. I grew up singing ballads by artists like Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey. Do It Again ft Chris Brown and Tyga is more up-tempo and rhythmic and will always be my baby. I can also turn around and sing a ballad like my song Bitter Love. Sometimes I want to express my sexuality and let go and have fun, like on my songs Princess and Hot. I believe if you can do it all, do it. In my live shows, I dance but I also sit down and perform acoustic songs which I know is important to my fans. 


9. You’ve also been writing on Wattpad with your book The Princess Diaries- Sand, Glitter & Silicone. Where did the idea for this come about? If turned into a Netflix movie, who would be some of your top picks for characters?

I’ve always been a writer, whether it was poetry, personal journaling, fictional writing, creating tv show and movie concepts etc.  The Princess Diaries-Sand, Glitter & Silicone is a fictional story inspired by my life and Hollywood. I’m hyped for people to come on this journey with me. I picked Wattpad to release my fictional book series because I wanted to write in real-time plus it’s an interactive site where the readers can provide feedback and engage. My fans are always a priority, what they want matters to me. More chapters to come, so stay tuned! 


10. You play as Tristian in the After series. What is it like juggling both an acting and singing career? What are the biggest differences you see between those two career paths?

The After the project has such a cool story breaking on Wattpad with a die-hard fandom and then becoming a feature film. It was my first role in a film and them wanting Bitter Love to be the theme song made it even more special. Although music is my priority, blending the two worlds of acting and singing is fun and makes sense for me. The biggest difference between the two is that in music it’s all in my control, it’s my story, sound, concepts, perception, it’s my life, and how I want to deliver it to you. In acting, I get to bring someone else’s story to life and live in their world. 


11. As an entertainer, is there a dream that you’re currently chasing?

My dream has always been to do music on a global scale and I’m living that right now.


12. Aside from singing, acting, and writing, what else are you passionate about?

Aside from music, I’m passionate about fashion, beauty, and fitness. 

I have always been passionate about fashion. I was brought on as the first-ever creative director for Madonna’s line Material Girl and face of the brand. My role was overseeing the creative vision from designing to rolling out each season and all aspects of the campaigns. To have this opportunity at the age of 18 was important for my future and where I want to go with fashion. I know all things great build over time, slowly but surely so I took on a similar role for a UK online brand, In The Style. 

Beauty is another passion of mine, I truly feel the beauty and skincare contribute to our overall self-care and that’s a priority for me. We have to take care of our minds as much as our bodies. The same way my outfit can affect my mood, so can my hair and makeup. I love playing with different looks, there’s so much room for creative and artistic expression. I really believe when I have my glam on, I can do anything. 

Fitness has been a priority since I was young. I was always swimming, doing gymnastics, trying to break physical fitness records in school. I became obsessed with Krav Maga when I was in high school and trained for 4 hours a night, 5 days a week, or more. I remember my mom told me if I put in the time and train my body through my teen years, that my body would develop muscle memory and it would make it easier to maintain being fit through life. It was something she learned from her Mom and I believed her. 


13. What’s that kind of personal ability to directly connect to your fans meant to you as an artist and during this time?

Being able to connect to the people supporting me has been important to me since day one. YouTube was the first place I posted my singing and organically started to build a following, I would comment back and forth with my audience and built a relationship with my fans. It happened organically and it’s amazing, there are some people that have been holding me down thru every season of my life and career. Those YouTube fans were a big reason I took the leap of faith to take on Hollywood. It was my fans watching my videos, supporting, encouraging, and believing in me. It’s a big family and none of this would be possible without them. 


14. What is the last text that you sent?

The last text I sent was on my management thread planning my return to Los Angeles to shoot the official music video for HOT. 


15. What were you doing prior to this interview?

I was on a business conference call for a new project I haven’t announced yet. Something that’s personal to me and I’m excited about, Something I’ve been wanting to talk about because I’ve dreamt about it for so long.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that soon!


16. Can you tell us about any projects you’re working on?

I’m very focused on my singles HOT and PRINCESS. I’m currently gearing up to shoot the official music video for HOT in Los Angeles. This will be the first official video with my new team Republic Records, Electric Feel, and my manager Troy Carter. While on Guam, I’ve been working with local crews to put together a few visualizers to support HOT and also give you a glimpse into my life at home. More music, videos, and content and new chapters of my fictional book series The Princess Diaries – Sand, Glitter & Silicone.  


She is such a queen and we are so happy to have her here ***crying in silence***. Now your task is to listen to “HOT” and “PRINCESS” and, obviously, to follow this cutie all over social media: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.