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Sound Off: Powfu


May 29, 2020

You probably recognize these lyrics: “Don’t stay awake for too long, don’t go to bed, I’ll make a cup of coffee for your head, I’ll get you up and going out of bed.” If you don’t, quit what you’re doing and listen to death bed NOW (or at least get out from that rock you’re living under and head straight to TikTok).  

His new EP ‘poems of the past‘ has infiltrated the lo-fi hip-hop scene with its alternative, bedroom-pop vibes. The most popular of course being ‘death bed’ which has garnered over 4.5 million videos on TikTok, reached #4 on Spotify Global alongside artists Drake and Dua Lipa and has been certified gold in seven countries with over a half a billion streams to date. 

The artist in question is POWFU, and we are so happy we had the chance to talk to him and ask about his new EP, his booming success, and some upcoming projects.

1) You have a new EP called “poems of the past.” What can fans expect, and what do you want to transmit with this release? 

It’s a mix of different types of songs that I have recorded in my bedroom. A lot of them talk about my past and romantic stories.  I also experimented with different sounds and features.

2) Do you have a favorite song from the album?

My favorite song is either ‘im used to it’ or “a world of chaos.”

3) “death bed” just broke the internet! It’s a real success. Were you expecting this boom?

I was always hopeful that it would happen and just kept working hard. I always thought it would happen just didn’t know when.

4) What was your initial feeling when you realized your song became viral?

I gave thanks to the Lord and tried to stay focused on working hard and not letting the fame or money tempt me.

5) Your song was on Global Viral, next to big names in music like The Weeknd and Drake. How do you feel?

It feels epic. Happy that I’m alongside such legends.

6) Tell us about your EP artwork. It was made by a fan, right? How did you find the fan who created it, and how did this collaboration happen?

I had an artwork competition for the cover art and the winner was amazing. It’s super lo-fi and colorful artwork.

7) You have a song in your EP called “popular girl, typical boy” that features your sister, How is having her on this song? Do you think that makes the track more special for you?

Yeah, we’ve wanted to write a song together for a long time so I’m happy that it’s finally happening.

8) We are dying to know your creative process. You’re so talented and unique! Tell us everything.

I usually find the beat first, then come up with melodies, then write the lyrics. It’s the easiest way for me and seems to work out well. I’m also more creative at night when I’m tired.

9) Who are your music idols?

My dad is a big one. Also punk bands like link-182 and Yellowcard, and lots of hip-hop artists like Jaden Smith and Kanye West.

10) Tell us the inspirations of your music.

Movies are a big inspiration for me as well as just living life. I get inspired by everything that happens in my life.

11) If you could work with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

blink-182 or XXXTENTACION.

12) You started recording your songs in the basement of your parents’ house. Did they know about your passion and creativity from the start?

Yeah, they encouraged me to keep working at it and helped me out with it.

13) You also have a Blink 182 remix in your EP, which is crazy! Everyone loves Blink. Was it was your idea? Did you talk to them?

I asked my label to see if they would be down to do a collaboration, and they said they wanted to remix “death bed.” I was super hyped.

14) What does “popular” mean to you?

Having a lot of friends (usually attractive people).

15) Tell us about any other upcoming projects and future plans.

I’m looking forward to touring and playing shows. As well as collaborating with other big artists, getting this EP released and many more.


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