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Sound Off: RUDI


Sep 21, 2020

Shortly after competing on The Bachelor’s “Listen To Your Heart“, Rudi developed an incredibly strong fanbase. Her passion for the music she creates and love for performing came across as both genuine and impressive to viewers. And even after the show concluded, Rudi remained a popular name and artist that fans around the country wanted to learn more about.


Due to her unique songwriting and strong vocal ability, Rudi easily stands out from the rest of the up-and-coming artists. She strives to be unique and tells genuine and honest stories through her songwriting. Most recently, she captured the attention of thousands with her single “Stupid Boy” which was not only relatable but also an undeniable bop. 


Rudi touches on the themes and emotions that come with heartbreak on that particular track but is not afraid to get into uncharted territory as well. For instance, her single “Hate LA” is brutally honest and real. It captivates the feeling of loving someone who you also associate with a place, but having heartbreak take over and then replace that love with a newfound hatred. It’s not a pleasant feeling, but her vulnerability continues to shine. And as a result, Rudi continues to relate to listeners on a whole new level. In terms of her ability, her vocals will blow anyone away. 


In an exclusive interview with PopularTV, Rudi opens up about “Stupid Boy,” upcoming music, and more. 


1. How are you doing today?

I’m doing well. I’m just in a studio currently, and it’s going really well. Writing a good song.


2. You recently released the new single “Stupid Boy”, which I absolutely loved. What did the process behind that song look like?

Thank you. Yeah, it just kind of started during the show and I talked to one of my girlfriends and was like, “Yo, he’s so stupid. He’s an idiot.” And she was like, “All right, well, let’s write a song about it.” And I was like, “All right.” So we did. She was in LA and we wrote it via FaceTime. And then I stopped writing it for some reason. And then I got back to it and finish the verse, then my producer flew down to Texas and we recorded it in my closet.


3. If you weren’t in quarantine, what would that music video look like?

Ooh, that’s a really good question. I have not thought about that. I mean, I guess I have. But not in quarantine, what would it look like? It would look, I don’t know. I would just look really hot. I think that’s the main thing because you want him to miss you. You want him to be like, “Sh*t, I let her go.” Even though he probably doesn’t care. Right? But you still want to look… All I know is that I would look really hot and I feel like I would be in a really cute, pink outfit.


4. You also had two other things really, Smile and Hate LA. Which one best represents you as an artist right now?

Ooh, I think Stupid Boy, honestly. I think it’s just where I’m at right now. And I’m still there and dealing with other stupid boys that I am meeting and getting back into the dating scene slowly and carefully. Still dealing with stupid boys. I don’t know, maybe it’s me. Maybe the next time I’ll write about it, it’s probably not you, it’s me.


5. I saw the video of you in that two-piece leopard outfit onstage, singing I think, Shania Twain. How did you get started in music?

I was my parents first, and they kind of just put me in everything growing up. I was swimming by the time I was six months, I was modeling. I was playing sports, all the sports, gymnastics, and I just kind of stuck to what stuck. And that was the entertainment industry. I love to dance, I love to act, and I love to sing. And I was very lucky to have parents that they wanted to give me a fair shot at figuring out what I wanted to do. And yeah, I learned very early on that it was music.


6. What’s something you’re looking forward to in your career?

I’m looking forward to selling out some stadiums. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to touring. It is my favorite part of what I do is performing. And once this world opens up, that is the thing that I’m definitely most excited for.


7. Speaking of performing, how did your stint at Lollapalooza happen?

It was actually like a contest and I didn’t think I was going to win. But I just submitted myself for it. And I wound up singing with Boys Like Girls and it was great.


8. Do you prefer that kind of larger stage or smaller venues?

Oh my God. The bigger, the better. More people, the better. I want to sing for all the people. The smaller the stage, it’s great because it’s very intimate and I also love that. But I thrive off of a big audience.


9. What stage are you looking forward to performing on? What’s your dream venue or stage?

Definitely Madison Square Garden all the way. I also love Red Rocks. Oh my God. I would, I would love to perform there.


10. How do you feel that you’ve changed as an artist since you started creating?

I think I’ve just changed as a person. And that just changes me as a musician along the way. Do you know what I mean? I think I’ve just gotten better at what I do just because I haven’t stopped doing it since such a young age. If I wasn’t good at it by now, that would be pretty depressing, because, after 20 years, I should be good at what I do. Just evolving into the person that I am has changed my music a lot. I also didn’t start writing until I was a little older and that’s, I think, been a really big thing for me, is just being able to sing lyrics that are coming from me rather than other people. That’s been a big thing. So, yeah.


11. How did you find your sound as an artist?

Growing up, I always just love singing R&B music. I just always loved it, like if I was singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, I was going to do it in a way where it was so extra. I was just going to be like that. That’s just what I do. So I always have had that R&B flare with me, but I also love to shake my a**. So I need pop music. I can’t be too R&B. So, I just like to have that R&B sound with pop music underneath.


12. I saw in a different interview, you mentioned really looking at Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, Christina Aguilera, major influences for you. What about them inspires you or influences you?

I think just their soul. I love that they sing with such passion. They sing something and you freakin’ feel that. And that’s something that I strive to be. I want to sing something and I want people to be like, “Damn, I felt that in my gut.” “Oh my gosh, she killed me when she’s saying that line.” Or whatever. All those people just have passion and soul that just oozes out of them when they sing and perform it.


13. Speaking of that, is there a song out right now, or that you’ve heard that you’re like, “I feel like I wrote that song. It came from my experiences, personally.”

Yes. My friend Kiana Ledé, She and I did Kidz Bop together and she’s my best friend in the whole, the entire world. She came out with an album, Kiki, and she came out with a stripped version of her album. It’s so funny because she’s literally my homie and as I said, I’ve lived with her, we grew up together, but I’m like obsessed with her music. But I don’t think it’s her. I think her whole album… She has this one song called No Takebacks. And it’s just about saying, “You said you love me. You can’t take it back after you said it.” And I just love the song. And yeah, so just that whole album probably.


14. Right now in quarantine, especially, how are you making sense of everything?

I’m not, I’m literally not at all. I’m just trying to find the positives in every day, even if it’s difficult to. I feel like it’s very easy, at least for me, to get into a funk of just not being happy or being sad and depressed because you can’t do this, do things or whatever. I think for me, it’s just been about getting up early and being like, okay, just take advantage of today. Do as much as you can today. And also, as much as it sucks to be quarantined or whatever, you also have to see it as an opportunity for so much time that you probably won’t ever get again.


15. Beyond music, what else are you passionate about?

Boys. But what else? I’m passionate about my family and… That’s about it. I’m a very simple girl. There’s not much… And food. Family, food, boys. Bada bing, bada boom. That’s just the honest truth.


16. Describe the perfect guy.

A perfect guy for me; available. Doesn’t have any issues. No, just someone who is down for my crazy personality and isn’t going to hold me back and is going to just let me be who I am and support that and love me when I’m crazy. And yeah, that’s pretty much it. Someone will make me laugh, be my best friend.


17. What is something most people or your fans don’t really know about you?

I have a really small pinky. It’s not noticeable until I’m like, “Look at my pinky.” And they’re like, “Holy sh*t. Why is it so tiny?”


18. What can fans expect in the upcoming months?

A lot of new music. I’m finishing up a song today that I’m so excited about. I think I’m definitely releasing a single, probably within the next month. And it’s going to be another sad song because #imsadallthetime. Just more songs that’ll get people in their feels.

Don’t forget to listen to “Stupidy Boy and to follow RUDI on Instagram.


  • Stylist Haili Pue
  • Makeup Cynthia Hernandez