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Oct 7, 2016

Meet Swedish pop-duo Smith & Thell, one of Sweden’s most sought after songwriter & producer combos. After spending a few years behind the music the duo, comprised of Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell, decided to launch their own project last year and have gone on to gain awards for their debut track “Statue (The Pills Song)” and signing a publishing deal with SonyATV, the dynamic duo haven’t looked back since.

This week Smith & Thell the pair released their pop jewel “Row”, a modern anthem “fight song” with a message of facing life’s obstacles when things aren’t going “merrily down the stream”. We got a chance to chat with MJ and Victor about their new single “Row”, the evolution in their sound, and musical inspirations. Check out what they had to say and listen to their new fight anthem below.

On your latest Single: Our latest single ROW is a fight song for grownups. When you grow up you realize that life doesn’t go “merrily down the stream” like we were told when we were kids. It’s a song about looking your demons right in the eyes and saying you will will make it through the hard times, no matter what.

“Row” influences: We’ve been very playful with this production. We’ve used sounds from a few squeaky boats in the harbor in our hometown, plus banged on some cartons, and a wheelbarrow as well… we’ve sampled a lot of random live stuff, but we have also put in some electronic samples. We wanted the chorus to be as big as when Sia screams her brains out, and the verses to sound like Alice in Wonderland in a swamp :)

On taking your sound in a different direction: We are always gonna jump in different directions, since we have a hard time doing the same thing over again. It always depends on what is best for the song. “Row” is about dealing with anger and sadness, and we think that’s how it sounds. It’s bigger, and a little darker than “Statue”, for sure.

Favorite lyric from “Row”: I think “Eenie, meenie, minie moe, there’s monsers behind every door.” That’s how you can feel sometimes. We like that it’s a children’s rhyme, but with a grown-up twist.

Musicians you admire: There’s so many great musicians out there, but one that really gets us every time is Bon Iver.

What’s up next for the musician: We’re releasing our debut album! And we’re doing a little european tour starting with Holland, and then Germany.