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Apr 25, 2020

‘Help’ is the latest single to release from soul, alt-pop singer-songwriter, Spencer Sutherland!  The track is filled not only with layers of vulnerable lyrics, but stacked with his trademark layered vocals.


Keeping much of this song centered around his voice, Spencer really makes use of the falsetto and an amazing back beat. The song features a few cuts in the chorus where Spencer can really take advantage of his range (and he does) reminding everyone that it possible to infuse soul into an alt-pop track.


Spencer has been known to make vulnerability catchy and ‘Help’ is no different! We got to catch up with the amazing singer-songwriter to get the inspiration behind his latest single as well as life on tour and THAT video with Emblem3! Keep reading to check it out.


1. What was the inspiration behind ‘Help’?

“Help” came from a time I was just feeling off and wanting to be honest about it. I was going through kind of a weird & anxious period of my life, and I want people to be able to be open with the way they feel good or bad. I want to be as genuine of an artist as I can be.


2. You went on two tours in 2019. What are some misconceptions about being on tour?

I miss touring more than anything in the world! The biggest misconception is that it’s a giant party. About 98% of the time, we have to leave the city we’re in right after the show to get to a hotel in the middle of nowhere at 3am. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE even that part of it, but it’s definitely not a party.


3. What is your favorite city / venue to play in? Why?

There’s something special about all the cities I’ve been to- there’s a sort of magic in each place. Some of my favorites are: Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Seattle, ect. All the cities have an identity.


4. The title track to NONE of this has been about you is such a raw song. How do you prepare to write a song like that?

I think in order to write a super raw song, you’ve gotta go through some heartbreak or hard times. These times really suck, but the art is always good because of it.


5. iHeartRadio Jingle Ball is such a huge deal. How did you get on that series of shows/ how did you find out?

My fans! They hit up every radio station because they wanted to see me in their city, and that’s how I got on a few of them. I’ve also made some really great friends in radio over the past couple years and they’ve been really kind to me and believed in me!


6. As a musician do you ever find yourself creating and realize that something you’ve written is heavily like something else?

Yeah, not all the time and not on purpose, but sometimes. I’ll write a song that sounds like a hit, and then realize that it sounds like “THAT” HUGE song that’s #1, haha.


7. What was your favorite song instrumentally on NONE of this has been about you?

I think “Sweater” is my favorite because it’s unlike anything I had done, and ALWAYS makes me bob my head!


8. I couldn’t not bring this up. How did the idea to film the cover to Maroon 5 ‘Sugar’ come up with Emblem3 and what was that filming like?

Oh man, a blast from the past! I used to do pretty much only covers, and I lived with them at the time, so we thought “what’s the dumbest video we could make? Let’s go to Ralph’s,” and the rest is history. Haha.


9. What do you see as the differences between your latest EP and Unveiled?

NONE of this has been about you was really my debut EP, because “Unveiled” was just some acoustic songs put together. I think the biggest difference is that NOTHBAY is really when I found out what kind of artist and person I was!


10. What has been your most personal song to date?

“Help” for sure. Some really real lyrics in there.


11. Describe your sound in 3 words.

Alt, soul, pop


12. Has growing up in Pickerington affected your career in any way?

Honestly just the way I move in my life and in this industry. It’s great to come from a great community with great people so I don’t feel the need or want to be a shady person. There’s plenty in this industry already lol.


13. Can you tell us a secret?

Yes, I’m working on my own podcast! More info coming soon.


14. What does popular mean to you?

Well received, well liked and for good reason :)


15. Can you tell us about any other upcoming projects?

The touring and shows depend on this quarantine, but the music will keep coming!



Keep up with Spencer on Twitter and Instagram! Go on… it’s clickable.


And – you can listen to Spencer’s new single right here!





  • Photographer Lexie Alley