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Sound Off: Summer Dennis & Rhymes


Apr 2, 2020

Music has the power to describe some feelings that words can’t explain. Sometimes we feel anxious, energized or happy while listening to a song, and this feeling is so intense that we can’t control it. 

In the case of Summer Dennis & Rhymes and their new song “Indelible”, the feelings were a mixture of power, confidence, dance, and unexplainable energy.

Summer Dennis & Rhymes are a soul/funk music project formed by two talented artists: Summer and Rhymes. 

Washington-DC based, the band has unique characteristics that make us want to dance the night away. Their new song “Indelible” makes you feel like this – Just on the first note you are already dancing and feeling that are inside of a 1960’s bar. 

Being the first song Dennis and Rhymes wrote together, Indelible is all about female power! It is about self-esteem, self-confidence and women’s strengths. It is the right music for nowadays and the necessary message for all women.

The song is part of their album “Second Summer”, but the music video is being launched today. We don’t want to give you a ton of spoilers, but we can say that you will definitely not stand still!  The music video comes with a sexy and glamorous costume, an enthusiastic dance and a lot of attitude! Not to mention Dennis’s soft but powerful voice and Rhymes’ phenomenal beats.

If you are as excited as we are (and are ready to embark on this contagious pace), watch Indelible’s video first hand. And oh, don’t forget to listen to the entire Summer Dennis & Rhymes album and have a complete soul experience!