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Sound Off: Uffie!


May 30, 2019

We were really inspired to meet French-American artist and producer, UFFIE! You probably know her from her hit album “Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans!” Now she has two new singles out, “No Take Me Backs” and “Sad Money”! We have been listening to her songs non stop, we love her unique pop sound and how relatable her music is! If you haven’t heard her new singles yet go Spotify, Apple Music or Sound cloud and check them out!

We met up with this talented singer at her photo shoot in the Hollywood Hills and got a chance to get to know her a little better and ask her some of our exclusive questions.


Tell us about your music?

My music is a mixture of dreams, hopes, fears, and fun.  It tends to be a diary and a self analysis, with the hopes that tit may help someone else. You can’t really classify my sound in one category or genre because it evolves with me, my mood, and inspiration. I like the magic of creating. Always with a little humor.

How long have you been writing music and singing?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and have been doing short stories and poems as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until my later teens when I wrote Pop The Glock that I transitioned into music.

What helps with the writing process? Living…

Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?

The Knife. They are one of my favorite bands and I really really want to see them live.

Favorite Artiist?

Impossible to name…

Karaoke Anthem? 

Boots, Nancy Sinatra

 Summer playlist?

TBD, but a mixture of old and new

Favorite DJ? 

DJ Mehdi (R.I.P). I was spoilt listening to Ed Banger DJs…

TV Addiction?

I have to be careful with starting something because I have to finish it… its my own form of OCD.  My favorites are The O.A and Killing Eve. I generally like dark Nordic shit.

Last fashion item purchased?

A pair of Gucci loafers. I love a wild heel, but generally live in loafers and trainers in the day.

Three people – dead or alive, real or fictional – that you’d invite to dinner?

Andy Warhol, Keith Harring, and Anthony Bourdain. The cocktail chat would be to die for.

Do you have a party trick?

I can do the splits without stretching.

Tell us a secret

I’ve never shoplifted

What does popular mean to you?

In school popular held a negative connotation to me… it meant being the same as what a group deemed cool. But I think now its about self empowerment and having the courage to be you to your max, your best version. The world is ready for that. 

Can you tell us about any shows or projects that you can coming up? I have a single called “No Take Me Backs” I am very excited about this month.  I’m playing Evita’s Pride party June 7th at Nightingale and DJing in NYC at Elsewhere June 8th.  More to come:)