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Sound Off: Winslow!


Mar 8, 2019

Meet Winslow! We are obsessed with their music, we can’t stop dancing around the office!
We met up with the Winslow girls at our photo shoot in the Hollywood hills. We got a chance to ask them some of our exclusive questions and find out more about their music!

How did you both become music partners?
BRIANA: We met at the obligatory Christmas party where everyone is wine drunk while doing karaoke. Kate approached me and we talked about making music together.
KATE: We got together for coffee a few days later and clicked sober too.

Is there a story about why you chose the name Winslow?
KATE: We recorded the songs in a basement studio on Winslow Drive and the name just vibed right. It’s where the whole project turned into something more than a couple melodies in our head. Also it’s fun to say – almost lyrical.

Do you have a process for writing music together?
BRIANA: We write our best stuff in the same room together. Kate’s a true poet and usually tackles the lyrics while I tend to focus on the music. I’ll spend half a day obsessing over the perfect kick drum or piano. Kate’s drawn to what we’re saying and I’m drawn to how we’re saying it.

Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?
KATE: Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, and Radiohead playing the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
BRIANA: What Kate said + Beach House with Jeff Buckley opening.

Favorite Artist?
BRIANA: I worship the floors Matt Behringer, Karen O and James Murphy walk on.
KATE: it’s constantly changing. But Conor Oberst is one of my all time favorite lyricists.

Karaoke Anthem?
KATE: Yellow Submarine
BRIANA: Any hip hop song from the years 1996-2000.

Summer playlist?
BRIANA: “Fior di Latte” – Phoenix, “Alien” – Beach House, “Not My Baby” – Alvvays, “Harmony Hall” – Vampire Weekend, “One Trick Ponies” – Kurt Vile, “Baby” – MARINA + Clean Bandit and “Freelance” by Toro y Moi on repeat. I feel like I’m just scratching the surface!

Favorite DJ?
BRIANA: KCRW’s Valida.

TV addiction?
KATE: The Good Place. It’s like a philosophy refresher.
BRIANA: Shameless. Lip’s new love interest is super talented and good looking! ;)

Last fashion item purchased?
KATE: Air and Grace sneakers
BRIANA: A vintage Patagonia fleece

Do you have a party trick?
KATE: I can make a quarter disappear.
BRIANA: I do a solid Judy Garland impersonation if the party needs it!

What does popular mean to you?
KATE: Popular is what’s current. What people are into right now.
BRIANA: And if your music is popular, that means you’re connecting with a lot of people which is always a good thing.

Can you tell us about any shows or projects you have coming up?
KATE: Our song “Origami Tiger” is featured in the upcoming film Luce and we’re releasing its music video in the next couple weeks.
BRIANA: We’re also in the middle of recording our second EP and looking to play live later this year.