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Sep 14, 2017

Jack & Jack just announced their new single “Beg” and their Fall US Tour which kicks off on October 23th.

“The new music is everything we love,” explains Gilinsky. “It’s got R&B elements. It’s soulful. It’s pop. It’s hip-hop. It comes from a real place. We wanted to bring those together in a conceptual project that speaks to where we are as 21-year-old guys living in Los Angeles.”

The songs are based on their own experiences and tell the story of a relationship that went downhill. The first few tracks are about infatuation and falling for a girl. The later tracks are all about the breakup. It’s going to make our fans feel some type of way. If you’re in love or you’re dealing with heartbreak, there’s a song for you. We’ve been through all of that. It came from a real place.”

Pop duo/Internet personalities Jack & Jack, consisting of Jack Johnson (21) and Jack Gilinsky (20), just dropped their second EP GONE, released via Island Records.


1.What was your inspiration for your latest EP, GONEPast relationships inspired it, but also observing other relationships in LA as well. The EP is about love and heartbreak.

2. How did the collaboration with power house producers Ryan Ogren, Poo Bear and Timbaland come about?Ryan Ogren we started working with through our manager. Timbaland was organic, we just met him and vibed out. We played him some of our music and he liked that at the time we were independent. We had always talked about working with Poo Bear, but nothing had ever worked out. We were in the studio with Timbaland and he happened to be there. From there we scheduled a session from later that week and it just came together.

3. What inspires you to write, produce and perform your own songs? G: I just want to inspire people so that’s what inspires me to keep working + J: We want our music to be genuine and that’s what keeps us involved as we are. We want the authenticity to be intact.

4. If you could work with any artist – who would it be? J: I would say Anderson Paak + G: I would say The Weeknd.

5. What helps you with your writing process? Living in a place like LA helps us stay creative. There’s always something new every day. Also, having someone always in the room to bounce ideas off of helps. Being able to talk it out with each other is what helps us the most.
6. What city was your favorite that you performed in? J: Dublin + G: Brazil

7. What is your favourite song on your EP? 2 Cigarettes

8. Where will the band be in 5 years? On top of the world