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Future Perfect


May 13, 2015

Steve Aoki knows how to get the party started. The California musician producer has proved this time and again with hits like “Beat Down” and “Born To Get Wild,” and now he’s preparing to take all of us on a wild trip throughout time and space with his third album, Neon Future II. The cinematic musical experience kicks things off with the dark futuristic intro track “Time Capsule,” then speeds along at 100 miles/hour on a genre-hopping journey.

Featuring collaborators such as the LA singer Moxie (who lends her gorgeous vocals on “I Love It When You Cry (Moxoki)),” the pop-rockers Walk Off The Earth, and the Aussie DJ duo NERVO, you’ll never want this ridiculously catchy record to end. It’s the kind of album that makes you want to stay up all night listening to it…and then press play immediately after you wake up in the morning. Currently sitting pretty at the number one spot on the iTunes dance charts, Aoki just dropped the entire thing online, for your streaming pleasure.

Listen below, then head here to buy Neon Future II for yourself. But a warning: It WILL make you want to grab your friends and start a sweaty dance party pretty much immediately, so plan your Wednesday accordingly.