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Feb 5, 2016

For the past two years, New York-based grunge rockers Sunflower Bean have been building buzz in the music scene. Today, the trio, comprised of YSL model Julia Cummings, Nick Kivlen and Jacob Fader, release Human Ceremony. Influenced by breezy pop and psych rock, Sunflower Bean have poured their hearts into their full-length debut (out via Fat Possum today. To celebrate the occasion, we had Jacob make a mix of songs we should listen to, including favorites live DIIV, MGMT and Twin Sister.

1. “Under The Sun” – DIIV 

Seeing DIIV play this song for a month on the tour we did with them was really amazing, so it’s cool to be able to listen to the recording!

2. “Whitest Boy on the Beach” – Fat White Family

Who doesn’t like Fat White Family?!

3. “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” – MGMT 

MGMT gets a bad rep but a couple years ago they released a Late Night Tales compilation, which had a bunch of really cool songs on it, including this exclusive track.

4. “Valley of Tears” – Pure X

This song will make you want to sing and dance!

5. “White Wakening” – Les Rallizes Denudes 

This is one of those songs where you have no idea what the lyrics are but you know what they are saying anyway….

6. “All Around and Away We Go” – Twin Sister

This is a classic jam! They went to the same high school as Nick and I.

7. “Mire (Grant’s Song)” – DIIV

It was also really awesome seeing this song played live every night..