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Tara Jam Unveils Second Single And Music Video “Invade My Space”


Feb 1, 2021

Still riding high off the success of her debut single “Motion Sickness”, which came out late last year alongside a tasteful music video, Tara Jam is back with yet another gem, dropping her second single “Invade My Space.” A smooth dance-pop vibe filled with warm synths, minimal percussion, and impressive vocal harmonies, “Invade My Space” is as meaningful as it is intricate, and a perfect start of the year for Tara Jam

“Invade My Space” is a song about emotional, physical, and psychological space needed from oneself or another figure—I want it to be open to interpretation,” explains Tara Jam. “I wrote this song while crammed at the back of a van in rural Nepal on my way to Kathmandu city from The Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (HRDC). I highly recommend checking out the inspiring work they do. On that trip, I was able to find space in the hollowness of the intermountain basins and valleys from the swarming streets of the densely populated capital. This range of landscape and environment allowed me to discover that even in the most congested of cities, I can make room to breathe. I had the privilege of taking a break from the overwhelming hustle and bustle and of being reminded of the luxury and significance of protecting your energetic field.” 

Tara Jam’s debut single “Motion Sickness” amassed over 500k views on YouTube and over 300k streams on Spotify, allowing the multi-talented artist to build a strong fanbase from the very start of her career. Other than making forward-thinking music, Tara Jam is also a director and photographer, as she shot and creative-directed the artwork for “Invade My Space.” The music video, filled with enriching colours and unique shots that show the artist in a variety of striking settings, is steeped in tantalising chemistry, perfectly complementing the song’s lush soundscapes and entrancing melodies.

Tara Jam is by all accounts poised to become an indie-Pop sensation, so be sure to follow her, as we suspect she’s destined to make it big in 2021.