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The POPULAR Guide To Glastonbury


Jun 25, 2015

As far as music festivals go, Glastonbury is truly a monster. There are four days, nearly 90 performance venues, and hundreds of artists from all over the world who trek out to England’s southwest countryside to perform for nearly 200,000 people. With an event this massive, the 33rd Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is basically a major case of FOMO if we ever saw one. There’s just so much happening, you know you can’t catch it all.

But, just in time for the action to kick off this weekend, we’ve sorted through the lineup to bring you Glastonbury 101, otherwise known as the Sparknotes version of the fest. Check out our primer on everyone you need to know in the lineup — including big-name acts and indie bands alike — in the gallery. Then, keep checking back for the best of the fest here!


Glastonbury, By The Numbers: 

Number of Stages: 90 different venues

Number of Attendees: 175,000 people on site (135,000 ticket holders)

Surprise guests: Kanye’s hinted at bringing 2 Chainz and Coldplay’s Chris Martin onstage. World-famous scientist Stephen Hawking will make an appearance. The Stone Roses are rumored to perform on Sunday night, but the biggest possible surprise has to be Taylor Swift, who just so happens to be in town with her 1989 Tour the very same weekend. Coincidence? We think not….

Size: The perimeter of the festival grounds runs a distance of 8.5 miles.

Last-Minute Drama: Due to Dave Grohl’s recent injury, Florence & The Machine will replace The Foo Fighters as one of the headliners. Also, major Kanye haters are pulling out all the stops with a petition to stop the rapper from his performance.

P.S. In case you needed yet another reason to get stoked, look no further than Ellie Goulding’s performance of “Burn” from last year.


  • Jessie Ware