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Jan 8, 2016

The first week of January is always an awkward time when it comes to new releases: it’s right before the big wave of music is really coming in 2016. We were, however, #blessed to have some dynamic tracks to start off the year right. Our first track comes from Rashida Jones and BOSS SELECTION (yes, that Rashida Jones), followed by an upbeat pop gem from Brit babe Birdy and then comes a dark, gorgeous ballad from Gallant and Sufjan Stevens. This week’s mix is wrapped up with a song from Conrad Sewell that makes us nostalgic for 90s boy bands and a melancholy pop piece from Foxes.

To help you keep up with your workout resolution, we recommend that you resolve to listen to more music in 2016 (and add these to your playlists ASAP).

BOSS SELECTION ft. Rashida Jones
“Flip & Rewind”
Anything that involves Rashida Jones we’re on board for. LA producer/recording artist Sunny Levine collaborated with Rashida on this song, which pays homage to 90s hip-hop, everything girl gangs and TLC. In the video, Rashida even sports a fun, shoulder-padded blazer with her high school dance crew. Basically, Rashida just proves she’s the coolest.

“Keeping Your Head Up”
Folk-pop chanteuse Birdy is back with a new sound. “Keeping Your Head Up” is catchy and up-tempo—much different from her ballad-like tracks on previous albums. In fact, there’s something about this one that reminds us of the soulfulness of Jess Glynne.

Gallant and Sufjan Stevens
“Blue Bucket of Gold”
Not only is Gallant slated to be huge in 2016—he’s a Spotify Spotlight artist just like LÉON—he collaborated with the talented Sufjan Stevens to make one of the most beautiful recordings we’ve heard in a long time. It’s a soulful, melancholic piece of art that features incredible falsetto from Gallant

Conrad Sewell
Aussie pop artist Conrad Sewell just released his debut EP All I Know today, which features electropop jam “Shadow”—a track that seems to parallel Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. If this song is any indication of the direction Conrad is taking, 2016 looks like it’s going to be a big year for him.

“Devil Side”
This dark pop song is full of heartbreak and Foxes’ Louisa Rose Allen doesn’t hesitate in sharing her pain. While she first gained recognition for her vocals on Zedd’s “Clarity,” Foxes has shown she really can stand on her own.

Today, one of our favorite garage groups out of Spain released their debut album Leave Me Alone. “Easy” is a standout track that has lo-fi pop vibes and makes us yearn for the summertime. Also, Hinds is one girl gang we want to join.