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Nov 10, 2015

There’s so much music in the atmosphere that it’s hard to narrow it down. We’re here to help you do that with the first installment of the newly revived “This Is Our Jam” weekly roundup of songs you’ll just get stuck in your head. This week, we have a shoegazey remix premiere from DREAMERS, a pop gem from Grimes and a powerful return track from BANKS. Following those three singles, we have a haunting one from up-and-comer IYVES and a soulful song from Jojee. Get ready to fill up your playlists fast.

“Wolves” (POP ETC REMIX)
Lo-fi layers on this remix of DREAMERS’ “Wolves” by POP ETC make you want to daydream and cry at the same time. The slowed-down version of the track is (dare I say) better than the original if you’re a fan of melancholy music.

Grimes’ Claire Boucher just released her much-anticipated album Art Angels, which pretty much creates its own category of genre. If unicorns, Skittles and rainbows could be bottled, it would be “California.”

BANKS is back with another beautifully broken R&B ballad of sorts. It’s angry and raw—you can hear her tears through the track. If this is any inclination of what’s to come from a new record, we’re breaking out the tissue boxes ASAP.

“Let The Water Run”
Alt-soul artist IYVES just released her latest track “Let The Water Run,” which makes you feel like you’re underwater with her. The track has a bit of R&B flair, and it’s hard to tell what you should be focused on because both the vocals and production are just so damn good.

Jojee has put out a few tracks over the past few months, but “Claim” seems to be the most progressive of them yet—the song is dark, robotic and effortlessly beautiful. According to Facebook, she makes “future soul” music, and that sounds pretty accurate to us since there are some allusions to George Maple throughout the track.