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Feb 12, 2016

With NYFW underway, we bet you could use a pick-me-up playlist. This week, we were blessed with a B-side from Bon Iver, a funky pop gem from Gwen Stefani and a dark dance track from Dua Lipa. We round out the week with an energetic one from Missy Elliott and a gorgeous Coldplay cover from Clairity. Pump up your playlists ASAP.

Bon Iver
“Haven, Mass”
The music gods have blessed us with new (kind of) Bon Iver. It’s an unreleased track that shows Justin Vernon pulling at the heartstrings as per usual. Fingers crossed there will be a new Bon Iver song soon.

Gwen Stefani
“Make Me Like You”
Mix No Doubt with disco and you have Gwen Stefani’s latest single. It’s retro sound is perfect for the busting out your best moves on the dancefloor.

Dua Lipa
“Last Dance”
Dua Lipa’s latest pop jam is still tinged with darkness, but there’s a dancier flair that accompanies her husky vocals.

Missy Elliott
“Pep Rally”
If you’ve been paying attention to Missy Elliott’s Twitter lately, you’ll see that she’s been the ultimate life coach, which is why we’re not super surprised that her latest single is called “Pep Rally.” It’s a track that proves Missy still got it.

“Don’t Panic”
We all remember how “Don’t Panic” really impacted our lives following its placement on the Garden State soundtrack, and teen indie-popper Clairity breathes new, beautiful life into the classic Coldplay hit. Try not to cry while listening: we dare you.