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THIS IS OUR JAM: Jennifer Lopez, Clare Maguire & Linney


Apr 8, 2016

While we mourn the loss of American Idol (RIP), we’re excited to kick off this week’s This Is Our Jam with a new single from Jennifer Lopez. It’s so sultry! Followed by her latest single is a new dance-pop gem from Tegan & Sara, a melancholy ballad from Clare Maguire and a chilling single from Tom Odell. We’re also excited to premiere a remix of Linney’s “That Night!”

Listen below and start enjoying your weekend now.

Jennifer Lopez
“Ain’t Your Mama”
This is not a drill: the musical return of J.Lo is here. We love this feminist-fueled anthem. Her stadium-filled vocals soar, and we just can’t get enough of them.

Tegan & Sara
Your favorite Canadian twins are back with an infectious, 80s-infused single “Boyfriend.” There’s nothing like a dance-pop song about a love triangle to make you want to dance on a Friday.

Clare Maguire
“Elizabeth Taylor”
Clare Maguire’s soulful and sweet embodiment of Elizabeth Taylor is beyond gorgeous. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to cry and spin around in a circle.

Tom Odell
“Wrong Crowd”
British crooner Tom Odell is back with a haunting track that will give you goosebumps. The background vocals sound like ghost noises, which make for a spooky pop combo.

“That Night” (BrAvo remix)
Linney’s dreamy track “That Night” got an upgrade with this remix. It’s smooth, gorgeous and makes us feel like we’re staring at the stars.