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Nov 24, 2015

We know you’re probably counting down the hours until you’re home free from your office (or home desk) for Thanksgiving break, so we figured we’d help you get a head start with this week’s most coveted tracks. First up, we have a futuristic premiere from RYAL, an dreamy electropop song from Prince George and a fusion of hypnotic R&B and pop music from Sofi de la Torre. Following those three singles, we have the first single from Sunflower Bean’s upcoming record and a soulful song from Jojee. Get ready to fill up your playlists fast.

“Another Song”
The first thing that comes to mind upon hearing RYAL’s “Another Song” is its allusion to the dark, futuristic waters Portishead traveled through. Garnering comparisons to Björk and vintage Prince, RYAL sings through the pain of losing her mother via an electro-ballad. “Lyrically, ‘Another Song’ is a song about the love in your life that resurfaces: the one that you can’t live with, but can’t live without, and the one that makes you write yet again another song,” RYAL says of the track.

Prinze George
“Speed Demon” (ft. ESHOVO)
Following their debut EP, indie-pop trio Prinze George are back with another ethereal gem with a gorgeous rap verse from ESHOVO. A bit nostalgic in nature, the song pays homage to the band members friends who aren’t kids and haven’t necessarily grown up yet. And, we all know someone like that.

Sofi de la Torre
“Colorblind Cruisin”
Spanish pop singer Sofi de la Torre’s latest single is a hypnotic blend of early ’90s pop blended with sultry R&B vocals. This girl has been quietly killing it lately, but if we had to put money on things, we’d say she’s one to watch in 2016.

Sunflower Bean
“Wall Watcher”
Sunflower Bean just seems to keep getting better and better. “Wall Watcher” is the grunge-pop trio’s first single from their forthcoming debut LP, and it features more polished vocals from YSL model and vocalist Julia Cumming. The band has really honed in on their production chops while maintaining their lo-fi ethos.

Maty Noyes
While Maty Noyes might not be a household name quite yet, it seems like she’s well on her way. The LA singer began receiving buzz after singing with The Weeknd on his latest record, and now she has a moody, romantic track featured in Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts’ new film Secret In Their Eyes. It’s an enigmatic gem of a song that we can’t quite get out of our heads.