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Jan 20, 2016

2016 is only a few weeks in and it’s been a pretty dramatic year in music. We are lucky though—we’ve been getting a ton of new music from old and new favorites. This week, we have a premiere from Aussie four-piece Cub Sport, a slow jam from Tinashe ft. Juicy J and a magical electropop song from GLADES. We round out the week with an empowering pop track from Finlands LCMDF and a fun basement collaboration from Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis and rapper Lizzo. It may be getting cold out there, but grab a mug of hot chocolate and dive into some tunes to forget about it.

Cub Sport
“I Can’t Save You”
This dream-pop track just turned around our week. With a infectious hooks and airy vocals, Cub Sport’s single is a sweet one to add your latest mix. Plus, it’ll get you ready for the band’s debut record due in March.

Tinashe ft. Juicy J
A contrast to her most recent release “Player” comes “Energy”—a sultry, R&B song that’s perfect for setting the mood between you and your beau. It’s safe to say her forthcoming record is going to be one you don’t want to miss.

We were already onto these guys in 2015, and they’re latest dynamic pop song proves that they’re ones we should be watching. It’s like a fusion of Halsey and Hayley Kiyoko.

It’s been quite a week for women in the music industry, but Finnish duo LCMDF are taking a stand against sexism in the biz with their latest electropop gem “Rookie.” These guys have been around for 10 years making a song, and they’re definitely not rookies.

Sad13 & Lizzo
“Basement Queens”
This afternoon blessed us with a collaboration between two of the most badass ladies in the music business: Lizzo and Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz. The funky pop track sounds like cotton candy and can be downloaded for free via Google Play.