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Dec 14, 2015

December is always a rather quiet season for music, but a great one to catch up on artists you’ve missed out on in the past year. While you’re still waiting for that new Rihanna album to drop, listen to these new gems you might not have gotten a chance to hear this year. Listen to a harmonic track from up-and-comers Mothers, a dreamy collaboration between Troye Sivan and Betty Who and a sparkly one from LÉON.

“Too Small For Eyes”
Lead vocalist Kristine Leschper isn’t afraid to show weakness or pain in her music. Through it might not be perfectly eloquent, her sweet, raw voice parallels the intimacy of Angel Olsen. These guys are expected to be the next big thing in indie-rock next year. Also in this week’s mix are a new banger from Kygo and Lucius’ first single from their sophomore record. Listen up, below!

Troye Sivan
“HEAVEN” (ft. Betty Who)
Troye Sivan may have first established himself as a YouTube sensation, but he’s become so much more. He just released his debut album Blue Neighborhood, which is nostalgic for childhood and romance, carried through indie-pop. He finds perfect harmony with Betty Who on “HEAVEN”—one of the standout tracks on the record.

“Nobody Cares”
Sweden has a new soul-pop girl on the scene and she makes music you can jam out to with your girl gang. “Nobody Cares” is a shimmering gem that’s perfect for the dance floor. We’re expecting big things from her in 2016.

“Stay” (ft. Maty Noyes)
Kygo has been killing it this year taking a number of upcoming artists under his wing. One such artist is the soulful Maty Noyes who appeared on The Weeknd’s latest album and made the world ask, who is this girl?! Add this one to your workout mix ASAP.

“Born Again Teen”
Everyone’s fav Brooklyn-based indie-pop band Lucius is back with Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig still flaunting matching outfits and ‘dos. In the duo’s first single from their upcoming album, they channel their inner ’80s spirit with their pitch-perfect soprano vocals.