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Tokio Hotel: “Monsoon 2020” 15 Years Later


Oct 16, 2020

The best thing about 2005 was how undeniably raw everything felt, especially the music. Although founded in 2001, Tokio Hotel was officially introduced to the world when they signed under UMG and released their first single “Durch den Monsun” (“Through the Monsoon”).  Comprised of four German teens, no one could expect the influence this band had over the alternative rock scene.

110 international nominations, six studio albums, millions of records, and countless tours later, Tokio Hotel is bringing the affects of their global impact full circle by re-releasing their first single ‘Monsoon’ 15 years later.

“Everything that happened to us throughout these last 15 years had started with that song.” explains Bill Kaulitz, whoo has been on lead vocals since the band’s inception.

Re-introduced in the air of 2020, the re-release carries an air of maturity still embracing an authentic rawness of its decade old counterpart, but through the eyes of where the band is today.

“‘Monsoon’ is not just about memories of 2005. It’s a song that has always accompanied us during these last 15 years”, Georg Listing (bass and keyboard) adds. “For us this song is closely tied to all of our major successes. We have played it live at the Eiffel Tower in front of 500,000 people on Bastille Day. We have played it at our very first gig in the US and during every single tour that followed. And it’s always been the highlight of every show.”

We’re sure this song would’ve continued to uplift crowds during ‘Melancholic Paradise’, but Tokio Hotel’s touring plans, like many other bands, came to a halt with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing all members to head home.

Although the band has evolved over time, fans are still able to recognize those same lyrics they fell in love with during the earlier release and are excited to see what’s next for the band.


Listen here for the band’s ‘Monsoon 2020’ release!