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Oct 15, 2015

If pink is your favorite color and coordinated dance moves are your thing, BARRIE and the Starz’s new music video for “Naked Dream” will be the best thing you’ve ever seen. From pink faux fur to a tub filled with pink roses and a pink sky highlighting the background, the LA byway of New Mexico group led by BARRIE has created a Barbie dream world we want to live in. The colorful visuals accompany BARRIE as she goes from her bedroom to a Santa Monica Beach at sunset. In “Naked Dream,” BARRIE and the Starz physically dance out their emotions while using the metaphor of being nude to show being free. Influenced by Cocorosie, BARRIE and the Starz make avantgarde electro-pop that’s just so damn catchy. And, we’ll just say it, everything looks better in pink.