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Sep 29, 2015

MOTION CNTRL has made a trippy, kaleidoscope dream a reality. The synth pop duo—Allyce Engelson and Luke Mertz—has made a video for “Say When” that could easily put you in a trance in the right setting. Garnering comparisons to The XX and Chromatics, MOTION CNTRL’s dreamy music is pretty perfect when paired with visuals that serve as moving artwork. Luke and Allyce actually met while working at a creative agency in 2012, and bonded over music conversation during their shared breaks, releasing their debut self-titled EP in August. “Say When” is a sonic example of the band’s love for contrasts—light/dark, soft/hard and new/old. The band looks to “illuminate” with their music, and if this video is any inclination of that, we see a bright future ahead.

Watch the premiere of “Say When” below and try to look away from the screen. We bet you can’t.