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Aug 14, 2015

Nothing says summer like cutting up fruit and flowers, and the latest video from Reservations shows the band agrees. Taking cues from Mazzy Star and Belle and Sebastian it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with lead singer Jana Horn’s hauntingly beautiful vocals on “To Be Honest.” The Austin trio—Horn, Paul Price and Jason Baczynski—lets the emotional toll that relationships can take on your shine through in their lyrics. Through their own dynamic blend of folk and lo-fi rock, Reservations just released their first LP Taking Time in July. But “To Be Honest” stands out on the 10-track LP as the first song Horn had written for the record.

“‘To Be Honest’ kind of, set a mood, influenced the way the rest of the songs were written and how the record was shaped,” said Horn of the track. “The song has a pretty repetitive structure. We thought about doing a video where I walked in a square for four minutes. We decided instead I’d cut fruit. We thought it made sense.”

Simplistic and familiar, the video for “To Be Honest” serves as a metaphor for repetition quite well—especially with some pineapple in the mix.