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Video Premiere: The Colourist


Aug 7, 2015

Who hasn’t wanted to feel superhuman at some point? That’s the idea that Cali indie-poppers The Colourist explore in their latest music video for “Romancing.” This modern day Bonnie and Clyde story follows a duo of badass wannabe superheroes who love spray painting, breaking things with baseball bats and even holding people hostage. On their track “Romancing,” the band explained, “It’s about those nights when you’re with someone so special that you feel almost superhuman, capable of absolutely anything as long as this other person is by your side. You enter this state of mind where you’re completely comfortable letting go of everything and allowing the night lead you where it will.”

Following the band’s catchy pop LP debut, “Romancing” is a fun and dreamy addition to their music library. Watch the premiere of the video below, and check out The Colourist’s latest EP Will You Wait For Me, out now.