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Oct 23, 2020

Alternative rock band Wallows wades back into the music scene with the release of their third extended play, Remote, following last year’s success with their debut album Nothing Happens. Last summer’s smash-hit single “Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo)” has been certified Gold in the US and Australia and has racked up over 286 million global streams. The much-awaited EP features a tracklist of six songs, including singles “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” and “Virtual Aerobics.” The project was produced during quarantine and follows singles “Trust Fall,” “Just Like a Movie” and “OK.”

Based in Los Angeles, Wallows first formed together as children, as a part of a music program. The band’s current lineup is made up of trio Dylan Minnette (guitar and vocals), Braeden Lemasters (guitar and vocals) and Cole Preston (guitar and drums). Over the years, they’ve performed under several name iterations before making a final decision on Wallows in 2017. Their first release under this moniker was “Pleaser.”

Since then, Wallows has made a return this past August to The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, the location of their first-ever headline show in 2017, for their pre-taped “Virtual World Tour,” a four-part performance filmed following health and safety guidelines. Just last month, MTV named Wallows their September 2020 Push Artist of the Month.

With this release, Wallows welcomes in listeners with the first song on the tracklist, single “Virtual Aerobics,” an addictively catchy song with a lyric video featuring the members moving to the music in the same fashion! Follow along with Wallows as they bounce to an energetic pump that makes you want to swing around your bedroom and slide to the beat. A total must-play for shaking off those quarantine blues! 

The visual production for Remote kicks off as Wallows takes viewers on a joyride in the accompanying music video for their first EP single and third track, “Nobody Gets Me (Like You),” captivating their audience with its fun dynamic visuals and wacky effects that meld easily with the upbeat track. The song feels very indie and highlights a whimsical instrumental. Its storyline is a continuation from the previous video for their single, “OK.” Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid (Vampire Weekend, Haim, Adele), the music video marks their third collaboration with director Dillon Dowdell. Other tracks on Remote were produced by Wallows, Sachi DiSerafino and John DeBold. 

Remote gives fans four all-new tracks, not including the aforementioned singles, to dance to. Wallows commands your attention in this EP, the band’s signature rock sound shines in this release! They fuse together the easy melodies of pop to the grittier sounds of rock seamlessly in this production effortlessly, bringing fans a hearty production. Though the tracklist shares a commonality in their upbeat and dance-vibes, it doesn’t become repetitive. Each song shows off its own unique instrumentals to keep it interesting, distinguishing each track confidently. 

The second song on the EP, “Dig What You Dug” stands out among the others for its sporadic and chaotic energetic bursts during an otherwise mellow song. It feels reminiscent of a closing out song in a movie, where the ensemble cast is having a great time together and the camera goes to pan out. It’s the perfect jam for a road trip with friends or a backyard bash! 

Fourth track “Coastlines” features a repetitive lyric, echoing “I don’t wanna think about it,” sending listeners into an endless loop. The song will easily rouse fans up and on their feet in this number, with its dynamic beat it’s hard to not double down on a dance routine! Wallows shows their vulnerable side in this track and this song would pair well being blasted while driving down the interstate or grooving along in your bedroom while procrastinating on your work because, “I don’t wanna think about it!” 

“Talk Like That” lulls listeners in slowly before breaking into a bouncy beach bop! This short song radiates carefree vibes and is definitely not one to miss and the effortlessly catchy tune is sure to make waves in your hearts. The instrumentals build up and almost get too chaotic at times, drowning out the vocals until Wallows takes this song to a crescendo before diving back down for the next song.

Closing out the EP with “Wish Me Luck,” this song is unlike the others with its somber and wistful lyrics. It’s slower than the rest of the tracklist and cloaks the listener with a feeling of yearning. The song mimics the feeling of your heart rate slowing down, like after spending the rest of the time dancing or doing virtual aerobics. This is the song to be playing in bed while getting lost in your thoughts. 

Remote wraps up beautifully with this ethereal track, as it leaves listeners with feelings of being haunted, proving that Wallows lives up to their name. The audience is left to bask in the dreamy final number, and fans are sure to fall deeper in love with the band as they unravel the intricate lyrics woven into this encompassing EP of hope and renewal. Wallows continues to develop their style and Remote is perfect for the season, making you want to fall back easily into a groove. 


Remote Track List:

  1. Virtual Aerobics
  2. Dig What You Dug
  3. Nobody Gets Me (Like You)
  4. Coastlines
  5. Talk Like That
  6. Wish Me Luck


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  • Photographer Nikoli Partiyeli