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Wastemall And Jude York Join Forces For Intricate New Song “Glaciers”


Jul 29, 2021

Though Wastemall only kicked off his career last year with his debut, two-track EP, titled Don’t Tell Me, he is well ahead of the curve in many aspects of his musical journey and well on the way towards establishing himself as top-tier producer within the Australian-scene. Based in Brisbane, the producer and visual artist’s music is as emotive as it is made for the dancefloor, and his brand new collaboration with singer and songwriter Jude York packs a heavy punch that leaves audiences only wanting more.

Jude York, AKA Jeremy Beamish offers a vocal contribution to the track that couldn’t be more fitting. He perfectly compliments Wastemall’s smooth instrumental with his infectious vocal melodies in an expertly controlled performance. Exploring themes and ideas of personal growth and moving on, the track holds something for everyone and is driven by a moody atmosphere and dense synth work alongside luscious textures.

“This song came about when Wastemall’s label sent me the track amidst a bunch of other instrumentals. The bones of what would become Glaciers instantly hooked me. It seemed like the perfect home for lyrics about an icy heart, about the aftermath of summer passion after the heat goes. Honestly the song just poured out once I had the concept in mind. My favourite part is actually the bridge – the melody is super minimal and punchy with loads of countermelodies in the mix too! Overall this song was super thrilling to be a part of,” says Juke York, while Wastemall adds: “Glaciers came together after a long period of personal growth, and features some dark and brooding, yet melancholic synth-work. I was immediately hooked by Jude York’s first vocal demo he sent through, he had really managed to capture in his lyrics the emotion that subconsciously pours into an instrumental track.”


  • Photographer Tayla Lauren