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Watch Now: New Found Glory ft. Hayley Williams


Jul 23, 2015

“Hey, don’t you think you’re going to regret getting that tattoo?” It’s a question that everyone who’s taken the plunge has had to answer and least once in their lives — and in our experience, usually rolling your eyes dramatically will get your an answer across. But when it comes to getting your significant other’s name permanently inked on your arm/face/anywhere on your body, the complications can be, well, a little bit tricky if you break up.

New Found Glory’s newest music video follows a handful of lovebird couples into the tattoo parlor as they get their significant others’ names tattooed all over (by the members of the band, no less). While they might be at their blissful peak then, some of the relationships don’t end well — and the tattoos are a regrettable reminder of this.

This new version of the hit NFG track also stars Hayley Williams, who injects some major pop-punk sass into the anthem. So just when you thought the original couldn’t get any better, the video for the latest rendition is next-level awesome.

And, as for Williams’ own romantic ink with her fiancé Chad Gilbert? Well, you’ll just have to wait til the end and see…

Watch it here!