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Waters Get Real


Apr 6, 2015

Even though Van Pierszalowski’s indie rock outfit Waters has only officially been in existence a few years now, you could say the San Francisco musician’s latest album has been a decade in the making. According to Pierszalowski, the creation of What’s Real dates back all the way to his high school bedroom, where he first opened his ears to rock ‘n’ roll and decided that he wanted in.

As he put it, this was the time “When I became consumed over the angst, the freedom, the recklessness of rock and roll, the escape it created and allowed, and the feeling of unity with anyone who was discovering and finding the same.” Taking cues from bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and Green Day, Pierszalowski spills out the raw, rebellious feelings of adolescence into What’s Real. Packed with frenetic-sounding guitar lines and shout-along choruses, the LP has all the ingredients of a excellent record– but it’s that extra dose of ripped-from-your-diary honesty that really makes a difference. Get a sneak peek of the album here, then get briefed on What’s Real from the frontman himself below.

If you had to describe your album What’s Real in a sentence or less, you’d say…
It feels like a record I’ve been working on since I was 15.

The craziest show you ever played was…..
Opening for Pegi Young. We got to smoke with Neil Young after the show. So, yeah. That was insane.

Before a show we can find you….
In the green room drinking water and warming up. Very rock and roll.

After a show we can find you….
In the hotel room watching Netflix. Even more rock and roll.

The best venue you’ve ever played was…
9:30 Club in D.C. is the best rock club in the United States.

Your dream tourmate is…
Dookie-era Green Day.

What’s the story behind the title track of the album?
The song is meant to be a simple almost gospel-esque refrain about ditching fake friends and scenes and getting real fucking friends.


  • Waters, shot by Rob Williamson