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We Love Charlie Belle


Apr 28, 2015

There are overachievers, and then there’s Charlie Belle. The Austin, Texas natives have been performing around the local circuit for a few years now, juggling their sparse, self-described “alternapop” tunes with something a lot less glamorous: homework. Because, yes, band members Jendayi Bonds (vocals, guitar), Gyasi Bonds (drums, vocals), and Zoe Czarnecki (bass) are all still in high school. This constant balancing act might sound hard — what’s the point of doing trig homework when you’ve got a gig that night, anyway? — but judging by their success, these guys are doing a damn good job so far.

After dropping their debut EP, Get To Know, last year, the teenagers have signed with Fanatic Promotions and played Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls party at SXSW (no big deal). And, most importantly, they’ve somehow managed to craft a refreshing indie pop melody that’s both buoyant and youthful, without becoming overly twee. Their debut EP is filled with the kinds of exciting pop tracks that conjure up feelings of school dances, spring flings, and first crush butterflies. Fall in love with Charlie Belle now — you can tell your friends you told them so later.