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Video Premiere: Wrongchilde


Mar 9, 2015

Mat Devine spent his teenage years as a self-proclaimed “little counter-culture brat”…and as the frontman for emo pioneers Kill Hannah. Now the Wrongchilde frontman gets a second chance at adolescence in a new music video, Dance to Your Heartbeat, filmed with singer Sierra Kusterbeck. The song is an ‘80s-tinged jam spliced with Psychedelic Furs-esque melodies and slow dance vibes. But the nostalgia trip takes a weird, Tim Burton-y turn in this exclusive video premiere.

As Devine describes it, “I came up with this story of an outcast girl in some ’50s suburb who dug up the body of her dead musical heartthrob to bring to prom.” Totally normal, right? “I get amped up about unrealistic ideas for things all the time, and most people just say, ‘Okay, sleep it off, buddy,’” Devine told us. “But to my massive surprise, when I broached the concept with our director, Raul Gonzo [who’s worked with David Lynch and Thom Yorke in the past], he said, ‘Yeah, I can do that.’”

As for Devine and Kusterbeck, it’s literally a teenage dream come true. “I think we both fucked up our own actual prom experiences pretty badly, so this was our second chance to have fun and make it right. And this time around, we didn’t have to sneak in the vodka.”

Nicely done, guys.


  • Photo of Mat Devine Shot in Chicago, Illinois

    Before he moved to LA, Mat Devine appeared in the Broadway show "Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark"