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Your Next Favorite Songs: August


Aug 4, 2015

With the help of the Hype Machine, buzz bands and the Interwebs, we’ve created the perfect mix to spend the rest of the dog days of summer out by the beach or under your covers. There’s a hauntingly melancholic pop gem from the UK’s Oh Wonder; next there’s a trancey track from the anonymous ELOHIM; then, there’s a fun, electronic jam from duo Bob Moses. And don’t worry, there’s more where these guys came from!

Some of the 30 artists featured on this month’s playlist might not have a huge fan base (or even a Facebook page in some cases), but the Internet is a powerful thing, and these monthly mixtapes are a great way to spread the word about their sounds. There’s no better time than now to crank up the AC and blast your speakers with this month’s mixtape — we’ll be doing so ASAP.