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Bandanas: The Trendy Accessory That Is Back From The 90s!


May 30, 2020

Ok, so this is the accessory MADE for those who just want to roll out of bed but still feel put together (oh how we feel you).

Bandanas are the oldest sensation among fashion lovers, and the newest sensation among fashion doubters, and we are here to clear up all your doubts about it!

Originally a fashion trend from the ’90s, this style was used on celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, and the Olsen Twins, and became a ‘must have’ super fast! Now the comeback may not actually be surprised those who knows what happens to trendy ’90s pieces a.k.a the Fanny Pack, Beads, Color Blocks, Rhinestones, Colored Sunglasses… Need we say more?

This accessory is eclectic and you can stylize it in many different ways: On your head, around your neck, in the hair, tied-up on a purse, and even as a shirt! But whatever be your choice, there’s definitely a way for you to rock this old-new look.

Check out the gallery for different ways to style yours or down below for some of our picks.


#1: ’50s Classic Style ‘Over The Head’ or Around the Neck

The mother of the scarf trend! Gucci gives a perfect example of how this “lazy trend” can be turned into an elegant display of fashion putting the rumor that ‘easy fashion can’t be great fashion’ to rest.

@Gucci Instagram

#2: In the Hair

There are so many different ways to wear this trend and one of favorites is in the hair in place of an old scrunchie or elastic. This trend can add dimension, color, and vibrance to any look or be a great addition to a monotone look as well. Your choice!

Courtesy of @aimeesong on Instagram

#3: As a top

You don’t need a Christian Dior vintage satin scarf to make this trend work although, it wouldn’t hurt. Wearing a silk scarf as a top is a great look for summer and bares the neckline so all of your accessories shine through. We’re thinking hair up for this one.

Courtesy of @queenofjetlags on Instagram


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