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The Best Mix of Prints We Have Seen So Far At The Fashion Shows This Season


Sep 20, 2020

The mix of prints and patterns has always been a thing in the fashion industry. Some designers have always been adventuring themselves in this world, but this season I saw a lot more than what normally exists. And, well, I couldn’t NOT talk about it!

Because of social distancing, the fashion weeks are being taken online, so the number of artists exhibiting their work is even bigger – And you must be asking how advantageous this is, right?! 

The mix of prints/patterns is one of the most authentic things in fashion because, even everyone creating their own, the mixture is never the same. So what about having a look at some of the best mixtures of this season? Maybe you’ll feel inspired to create your own!

1. Tom Ford

Tom Ford has always dominated the fashion world with his glamorous and sophisticated designs. The straight and elongated silhouette is his trademark and, added to the classic prints chosen by the designs, draws attention, and transmits magic and exoticism.


Tom Ford / Vogue

2. Collina Strada

Known for bringing diversity to the catwalk, Collina Strada presented a collection full of colors, prints, and a lot of joy.

The childish kind of prints is being super hot in the fashion world lately and represents exactly the vibe of Collina Strada. That’s definitely their season!!


Collina Strada / Vogue

3. Rodarte, Halpern, and Zero + Maria Cornejo

Three super different brands with unique personalities, Rodarte, Halpern, and Zero + Maria Cornejo impressed New York this season.

Rodarte, with its classic style, bet on discreet and feminine prints, and the inspiration of the Victorian era is clear!

Halpern exhibited a divine collection that is sure to feature the Hollywood awards next season. The mixture of bold prints and fabrics brought sophistication and magic.

Finally, Zero + Maria Cornejo that chose warmer and more discreet colors to embellish the collection. What I loved is the mix of modern and minimalist prints that give a rustic air to the pieces.


Rodarte, Halpern, and Zero + Maria Cornejo / Vogue

The fashion weeks are still happening and will be taking place ONLINE until the end of September, so don’t forget to stay tuned DAILY on Vogue’s Runway website to see all the  upcoming trends.