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Billie Eilish Best Outfits On Stage – In Images


Mar 11, 2020

Our diva pop Billie Eilish is known for incredible musical talent and her authenticity. Considered one of the biggest fashion icons from the century, the 18-year-old singer embellishes our eyes with a lot of unusual, oversized and colored outfits.

A lot of people frequently ask her about the choice for large outfits, and the singer always declares that it is an option because she was very sexualized when younger – Unfortunately, this is a huge problem that affects the young generation nowadays.

Yesterday, during a concert in Miami, Billie Eilish took the fans crazy after a sequence of visuals where she takes off her clothes til be only with a bra. It criticizes the fact that people are never satisfied with her body and the way she is.

Billie, we love you the way you are! You are an inspiration for everyone – and for the fashion industry.

And that’s why we decided to create a gallery with her best concert outfits.

Here we go!

Outfit 1: Self-Love is always important, right?!

Outfit 2: It looks like a notebook full of stickers. Authenticity is the word.

Outfit 3: Puffer Jacket is trending now, so…

Outfit 4: Mood. That’s all.

Outfit 5: Almost like neon lights on her body. Oh, and look at the fringes.

Outfit 6: Billie and Khalid matching outfit on Coachella 2019. That’ the photo. We can die in peace now.