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Challenge: How To Use Activewear In A Casual Way!


Jul 28, 2020

We were challenged by All Day Alba to prove that is possible to create stylish and comfy outfits wearing sportswear clothing.

We have to admit that when they invited us, we were a little bit nervous because it was a real challenge! Sportswear clothing doesn’t usually go hand-in-hand with style, and that’s one of the main taboos when it comes to getting dressed. This thought exists because, in the past, stylish clothes were not comfortable at all and women had to suffer to maintain a good appearance for society – If you don’t understand, please google “corset in the 19th century” and you will understand exactly what I’m talking about!

However, we are in 2020, a year of many changes!
With the quarantine going on, fashion consumption habits have changed a lot so these two things are finally colliding and creating a new fashion universe: YES, style and comfort are friends now!

All Day Alba is a sportswear fashion brand that values ​​quality and comfort. Its products have extremely soft and comfortable fabrics that bring well-being and freshness when wearing. The clothes are perfect for any time of the day and are super fashionable. Oh Girl, good luck if your sign is libra because it’s impossible to choose just one piece!

Well, it seems that this is no longer a challenge, but an entertainment activity! We managed to successfully meet the proposal and all this thanks is to All Day Alba.

You can check the result here.

Oh, and if you fell in love with all the pieces and want to create your own outfit, go check the All Day Alba website!

Buy the looks (click on each image to go to the website)