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The Chloë Diaries


Mar 20, 2015

When Chloë Grace Moretz landed Coach’s latest ad campaign, she joined a growing list of actors, musicians, and artists in the #CoachDreamers club—and naturally, she made her own music video (along with fellow fashion fiend Kid Cudi) to go with her new gig.

Things to know:

1) Yes, you can buy the leopard-drip-print coat Chloë’s wearing. It’s made from faux fur, and it’s been hand-painted by artist Gary Baseman, who’s contributed his prints (and his bad-ass bunny graphics) to Coach’s spring collection.

2) Yes, you can download Kid Cudi’s featured song, “Up, Up, and Away.” It’s on  iTunesAmazon, and Google Play, all for 99 cents.

3) If you probe a little further onto Coach’s YouTube page, you’ll find another #CoachDreamer video… with former Girls star Christopher Abbott. (After dealing with Marni for so long, we think you deserve a designer messenger bag, too.)

See also, in order of impossible coolness… Zoe Kravitz, Banks, Odeya Rush.


  • Chloë Grace Moretz shot by Steven Meisel for Coach.

    The two little dots above Chloë's name are called a diaeresis