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Comfort Fashion: How You Can Be Stylish Wearing Simple Pieces


Aug 7, 2020

Fashion has changed a lot since we started quarantine. If before we were looking for glamour, nowadays we want comfort (in other words, we want pajamas all day, lol). But what about first analyze a little bit about how this new consumption habit will forever change the fashion industry?

Well, I don’t know if you’ve shopped recently but, if you did, you’ve noticed a huge change in the styles of clothing available: An increasing of soft and fresh fabrics, a large number of loungewear sets, pajamas with unusual prints and, well, the tie-dye fever, a print that directly connects our subconscious for comfort.

It turns out that, due to this new consumption of fashion, we feel an obligation to help you with some special “little secrets” that will transform your look “comfy at home” in a “comfy at home, but always”.

First of all, when deciding what to wear, always opt for fresh fabrics like hemp and linen. These kinds of fabrics are elegant and transmit a very clean vibe. Not to mention the colors, right?!
There is a bunch of different products you can find in these fabrics, including kimonos, pajamas, and even very cute jammies set.
What I love about clothes with these fabrics is that you can play with accessories and create a “European inspired” outfits.

However, if you identify yourself as a trendy/street style person, there is nothing more up-to-date than a very comfy tie-die loungewear set! The options are many and if your sign is libra you have a real problem here. For being extremely fashionable and trendy nowadays, practically every modern store has a tie-die set and you can find it in different colors, lengths, and fabrics.
Well, the best part is that you can wear them with slippers at home, or just put a pair of chunky sneakers and go grab a drink at the closest Starbucks. Versatility is the word!

The colorful pajamas are also another option nowadays! The number of stores that are creating a cute and stylish set of satin pajamas is huge, and everything you’ll need is patience to chose the best one for you. There is nothing more fashionable than sleep wearing fancy pajama!

Lastly, invest in socks! I know it sounds “basic” but this is a styling trick that can completely change the vibe of your outfit. We are experiencing a very special moment for the socks market, a piece that nobody valued much but that today has a large number of fans. Socks with different prints, colors, and textures are super stylish.

Whatever is your style, the important thing is to have fun and be comfortable.


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