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Cow Print: The Trend That Will Conquer Your Heart!


Jun 14, 2020

Animal print has always been a thing! However, something interesting and cool to know is how this print style became part of the fashion world.
We, humans, used animal skin from the beginning to protect ourselves from the cold and threats. With this, many scholars believe we have that the dazzled by the animal prints are inserted in our DNA. Well, thankfully, we now have the fake fur, right?!
The print began as a fashion symbol in the 18th century, when the search for wild animals was explored. Something cool is that a lot of people associate the greater milestone of animal print with the iconic movie “Tarzan”, broadcast in the 30s. The exhibition of clothing animal prints in the movie inspired fashion lovers from all over the world, popularizing it. Since then, the use of leopard and jaguar prints has fallen in popular taste and it became famous among people.
However, the world has grown tired of sameness and is now investing in more different prints. The cow print, for example, is now the new adored pattern, and the pieces of clothing with it it’s just… amazing (?).
We definitely want all of them!

What we love about cow print is how you can create different looks and vibes depending on what do you wear!

Having this in mind, we separated some of the best ways to wear this print and the best occasion for each option. We know we are stuck in homes now, but you can start planning the outfits for when the time arrives.


1. Cow-Print Skirts

 The first option is wearing the skirt so you can have a hundred different options to stylize your outfit – Including all seasons!
For the evening, you can match the skirt with a satin black blouse and boots. For the day, combine with shirts and sneakers.
Oh, and for being extremely versatile, thee skirt goes perfectly with tights and jackets for the cold days!

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2. Cow-Print Shoulder Bags

Ok, this is the most versatile option because you can literally use it with everything!
Fo being a small shoulder bag, the purse goes perfectly with all occasions and don’t create a heavy look as another purse could do.
If you decide to go with a full all-white, all black, or off-white outfit, you will give the attention just for the purse, standing it out.
However, if you want to create something more outrageous, try to stylize the purse with a cool and colorful outfit.
Everything is about balance!
PS: Another tip is to use this type of accessories to introduce the mix of prints in your habits. It is a great start.

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3. Cow-Print Pants

Similar to the skirts, the pants can also be worn in almost every situation and season, especially winter.
However, if you want to use on warm days, try to match with sandals and no-sleeves blouses.
For casual days, sneakers and a colored top will be cute and stylish. For the night, heels and “basic” colors are the best options!

moodboard on Instagram_ “_moo_ kind of love cow print - #qotd _what’s your favourite animal print to style_”

4. Cow-Print Dresses

Ok, this is a little bit more difficult to stylize because it is a “one-piece” outfit.
The secret is to create a balance with accessories and shoes – And obviously, depending on the dress style. 
Heels and boots are the best options for more formal events, and you can even try to take another step and wear cute tights. It’s a plus that’s will elevate your style to 1000!

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5. Cow-Print Hats

Attention, fashionistas, this option is for you!
Hats are extremely trendy now, especially the cowboy style.
If you want to create a different, glamourous, and confident look, invest in a cow-print cowboy hat.
However, if you want to start slower, choose the bucket hats, that will be a good and light option.

ASOS DESIGN cowboy hat with diamantes and size adjuster in cow print _ ASOS

6.Cow-Print Jackets

Everyone needs one, this is a fact.
Called “the third-piece” every jacket has the “special touch” power that finalizes the outfit and can be found in many different fabrics.
The good part of the jackets is that you can wear them in all seasons. For example: If it’s hot, no worries, baby! Just tie a knot around your hips and voilá!

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That’s it Populars. Have fun creating outfits with this beautiful and stylish print and never forget that you will be beautiful wearing anything you want!
If you found yourself interested in learning more deeply about how animal print started, we will be glad to hear what you learned!
Oh, and don’t forget to watch the trendsetter Tarzan :)