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Heart of Glass(es)


Apr 7, 2015

When Cynthia Rowley started making rash guards and surf gear along with her ready-to-wear collections, we realized the New York City designer’s real first love was the beach. Now she’s making her feelings known—and a little bit literal—with the debut of four heart-shaped pairs of sunglasses.

Retailing on her website for $109, the shades come in pale pink, red, black, and tortoise.

Rowley’s not the only one picking up on the ’70s trend: Moschino ($270), Markus Lupfer ($300), ASOS ($22), and Forever 21 ($5.90) are into it, too… though only Rowley offers an option to add your own prescription into the lenses.

After all, true love may be blind, but you probably don’t want to be… especially while swiping through Tinder.


  • Photo from Cynthia Rowley, Resort 2015

    Actress Shelley Winters wore heart shaped sunglasses on the poster for the 1962 movie Lolita.