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Fashion Friday: Chunky Boots & Girly Dresses


May 15, 2020

One of the biggest trends in the fashion field is chunky boots. However, what people don’t know is that you can definitely use this type of os shoes with basically EVERYTHING – and not only denim pants or animal print skirts as people use.
Popular TV is glad to present to you the outfit that is crashing the internet and the fashion industry: Chunky Boots and Girly Dresses. 
Can you imagine two opposite pieces being worn together? Well, we can prove that is possible and the only thing you will need to have is creativity – That we know you already have it <3
Because the boots normally are made by basic colors such as black and white, it is effortless to create outfits with it! Something cool about this trend is that you can have two different vibes in an outfit – the girly and the street style – at the same time!

What about having a look at some inspirations and create your own version with the products you have in your home? 


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