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Fashion Friday: Pastel Colors Are The New Minimalism!


Mar 20, 2020

Colors, colors… we are here to talk about them again.

It’s been a while that we have seen a tendency of pastel tones in everything, and it is not only fashion but home decor as well.
A past years ago, neon was in everywhere. Even Demi Lovato launched a song called Neon Lights – such an anthem, obviously.

After the neon era, the minimalism became the new fever: black, white, caramel, beige, brown… everything had these colors.
And, well, now it’s the pastel tones.
It is funny to analyze how a trend starts becoming…a trend, because everything is natural. And if you think about the color theory, this trend was very predictable.
Brown, light brown, caramel, and them… YELLOW.
And here is where the pastel tone born.

Inspired by the European style, the pastel tones are getting more and more strong among people.
Pants, shirts, dresses, hats, earrings, mugs, couches, wall art… the world is becoming colored again.

So what about having a look at some fashion pieces that are becoming trendable in pastel tones? Some of the pieces were trend many years ago.
It’s time to re-use them!

1) Sweaters

2) Knitwear Top-Cropped

3) One Color Sweatshirt

4) Plaid Pants

5) Hair Clips

6) Bucket Hats

7) Sunglasses