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Sep 26, 2016

If anyone knows how to make an ultra chic pair of fun quirky sunnies, it’s Karen Walker. This Fall, the queen of shades is taking on an entirely new, futuristic direction with the Metals collection, inspired by the famous work of ’30s surrealism visual artist and photographer Man Ray.

The new limited-edition range of sunnies, Metals, feature Walker’s signature shapes, including oversized, round and octagonal, in gold, silver and blue Monel metal frame; all with reflective lenses that create a new sense of illusion that is sleek, futuristic, and of course, insanely chic.

Scroll through the image gallery and check out some of our favorite shades. Bonus: if you click the little “i” button at the bottom of each photo, you can shop items in the story.


  • Images Courtesy: Karen Walker