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How To Create A Fashion Editorial At Home


Aug 15, 2020

With the quarantine going on for almost 6 months, the fashion and publishing industry had to adapt to working at a distance, and that includes meetings, collection development, events, and photoshoots.

It turns out that this new reality has forever changed the industries, which had the confirmation that certain things are possible to be accomplished at a distance.
In addition to adapting to this new reality, quarantine proved another important point: the need to demonstrate the reality of life. Many have always criticized the fashion industry for the standards demanded and the false reality invented, which has always provoked distancing from the consumer and a false perception of what fashion really is.

This new habit made it possible for many people to approach the world of fashion, seeing, finally, that everyone can be part of it. Magazines editorials from all over the world are full of their famous and non-famous covers in their backyard. These are photos taken through the computer, with relaxed poses on the floor of the room, with a backdrop made of crumpled sheets and production design created with objects from the house.

So we are here today to teach you how to create your own editorial at home.


Yes, the first thing you will need to do is come up with a concept. It could be anything!
But why a concept?
Because with this in mind it will be easier to select the outfits and positions, create your production design, and choose the best spot (or spots) for your photos.
The concept is what makes your photos have meaning and a purpose behind it! All editorials have a concept, and once you understand what is yours, everything will be easier!


This is one of the most important steps of your editorial. The location is literally everything.
If you have a bad location and with bad lightning, your photos won’t work! You have to select a place that will aggregate the whole idea and your outfit, and not something that will stand out more than anything else.
Remember: Everything is about your concept, right?!

The location could be any place in your home. Your backyard, your bed, your bathroom, or your living room! Everything you will need is to decor the spot you choose and play along with the place.
If it’s your bed, for example, look at the color of the sheets, the lighting, the pillows, and everything else that will complement your photos.


The most fun part of creating a photoshoot is selecting the outfits! You can definitely wear ANYTHING YOU WANT and this is the time you have to leave behind all the fears and prejudices pre-existed in your mind.
Remember: You are at home taking photos of your own and having fun! There is nothing to be afraid of. 
Pick up that old dress you have in your wardrobe, that blouse you don’t like it very much, play with colors, patterns, textures… just be yourself!

4.  HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the main idea of this post is exactly this: Making you have fun!
Everything is about feeling good and loving yourself the way you are.
Play with objects, accessories, with your body… JUST HAVE FUN!

Oh, and don’t forget to send to us the photos, we want to see you <3


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