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Keeping Her Eye On the Prize


Nov 25, 2015

Meet Brittany Hampton, Diane Von Furstenberg’s Global Brand Ambassador.

How has being the Global Brand Ambassador for DVF changed your life? I would have to say my life has changed drastically! Not only have I traveled around the world for her but the most meaningful aspect is knowing the impact I made on millions of girls around the world.

How is it working with one of the most iconic designers of our time DVF? It’s everything you could imagine in a perfect dream. Diane is not only an icon but she is an amazing mentor and a woman I can forever call a friend.

5 words to describe your experience as a Global Brand Ambassador for DVF? Inspiring. Absorbing. Remarkable. Unparalleled. Valuable.

Most memorable trip serving as the DVF ambassador? Thailand! Diane said that I could bring my mom with me on this trip and I attended my first Vogue dinner. DVF opened up a new store in Siam Paragon where hundreds of women came to meet Diane and myself.

Favorite DVF dress? Why? The Olivette dress is my favorite because it was the first dress Diane loved on me. It was a dress that showed off all my curves and I thought was too revealing but she thought it defined confidence.

What is your spirit animal? Why? An Arctic White Fox because when the seasons change so does my personality.

Tell us one thing about DVF we would be surprised to know. She gives amazing advice on men! I love taking that advice from her!

Best and worst thing about filming season one? Best: The challenges I went through to give me strength for the position. Worst: The drama and fighting with the woman I can now call my sisters.

Best advice you have for Season 2 winner, Hanna Beth? The best advice I have for Hanna Beth is to stay true to your character and don’t allow others to define you.

Professionally, what’s the next step for you after you end your Global Ambassador reign for DVF? There have been many opportunities offered and DVF calls me a mini entrepreneur like herself, so you guys will have to stay tuned and see what I have cooking!

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in business while working with DVF? The biggest lesson I learned from working with DVF is to work hard and take responsibility she always says “Trust you and only you, be responsible for your own life… “ – DVF

What is POPULAR? POPULAR is confidence within yourself no matter how many times you have failed! Get back up and do it a hundred times over.