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Kilo Kish x Maison Kitsuné


Jun 8, 2015

The formula for finding a summer uniform is about as simple as you can possibly get: Take one T-shirt, throw on one pair of cut-offs, grab your sneakers, and run out the door. There’s nothing wrong with this tried-and-true combo, but the kids over at Maison Kitsuné are shaking things up a bit with their newest collab. The French label has teamed up with the New York-based songbird and artist Kilo Kish (who we’ve already met here) on a capsule collection that merges her effortlessly rad aesthetic with the brand’s Parisian roots.

In this case, think tissue tees, breezy sweatshirts, sneakers and other tomboyish essentials stamped with Maison Kitsuné’s playful logo. And, in a totally Americana-inspired color palette, it’s stateside cool injected with some French je nais se quoi. As Kilo put it, “The colors and stripes are a play on both the French and American flags – the tote bag actually has the French flag on one side and American on the other,” she said. “Last but not least, I wanted everything to pair best with an American classic, blue jeans.” Get a sneak peek at the collection here, then pick it up for yourself soon at