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Aug 9, 2016

Levi’s has introduced some of the most iconic jeans in the world — and they’re not afraid to inject new life into the tried-and-true classic like the reissue of historic fit: the 505. A favorite of Debbie Harry and the Ramones, the style is associated with the music scene of the 1970s in New York, and is still coveted by collectors today.

The 505’s history goes hand in hand with counterculture. It’s the infamous star on the front cover of the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers album and plays a part in the beginning of punk rock by being worn by all four of the Ramones in their seminal, eponymous album. Ripped jeans, which we take for granted now, were pioneered on 505’s.

The new 505C is purely retro, fitted for today’s rebels and rockers. The updated version has been slightly revamped in accordance with changing times. For example, the rise has been lowered even further in order to differentiate it from their modernized 501. Available now, the newly re-released 505s are a must-have for denim heads and punk rockers alike.