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Wanted: Flats You Need Now!


Oct 21, 2015

Running around in heels isn’t really that fun. We all have our one or two pair that we like to say are “surprisingly comfortable”. And yes, you look amazing in front of the mirror before leaving the house, but when you’re hobbling around, rolling over your ankle, or in a complete rush… not so cute anymore. With sneakers and flats hitting an all time high in popularity, the demand for amazing flat shoes have never been higher. Thankfully designers are delivering some bad ass options that are just too good to resist. Creeper inspired lace-ups, bold print smoking slippers, or sneakers made of lux leathers and skins make it way more exciting to get dressed in the morning for style AND comfort.

Start lusting after a few of our favorites here, and you may just never be standing on the balls of those feet again. Yup, they’re that good.